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Brand & Editorial Design

Make and Craft celebrate emerging tech and DIY champions. As the founding design team of the Make brand, Albertson Design ran creative direction and design for Make, Craft, and the Maker book imprints.

Yay picture books!

I designed O’Reilly’s first Make-branded hardbound book celebrating Makers all over the world. The Makers movement was taking off, and this book brought a face to the amazing people creating in their backyards, basements, and garages with a ton of imagination and applied skill.

Check out some of my favorite projects above — water bound platypus, spherical treehouse, 3D mathematical sculptures, monocycle, and a high altitude weather balloon with tracking payload.

3D Printed Sculpture
3D Sculpture printed in metal by Bathsheba Grossman.
Dymaxion Map
Detail of an illustration I made inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion maps shows the hometown of each Maker.

Fiber optic desk
Fiber-optic desk by Anab Jain and Stuart Wood, interaction designers.
Homemade fusor by Richard Hull.
Touch sensitive blimp
Touch-sensitive blimp by Heather Dewey Hagborg, artist and educator.
Voice activated blender
Voice-activated blender by Kelly Dobson of MIT.
Michel Therrien hand built his Zodiac kit aircraft from a bag full of parts and a car jack.
Insect photography platform
Frans Vandemaele’s insect photography platform is made with a laser-activated bug detector.

Drawing on the success of Make, O’Reilly transformed crafting with a modern take on old-school traditions.

Premier issue cover design. Knit robots by Jess Hutchinson.

Craft redefined grandma past times with a Maker’s attitude and a slightly subversive tone. Knit robots, DIY Printmaking, and tattoo-inspired embroidery exposed a new generation to the love of handmade. As founding Art Director, I established the look and feel of the publication, directed photography and illustration and oversaw a team in editorial design.

Gocco article by Jill Bliss.
Embroidery by Jenny Hart.
Knit zombies by Hannah Simpson. Photography by Dwight Eschilman.
Knit friends by Beth Doherty.
Electric Tank Top by Leah Buechley. Spot illustrations by Tim Lillis. This was my brief career as a hand model.
Photography by Jason Madara. IC Socket Illustration by me.
Long live Maker Culture — Image via Boing Boing.

What I Did
  • Editorial Design: Illustration and Photography Art Direction, Layout, Illustration, Pattern Development, Photography and Photo Editing, Print-Ready Files, Color Proofing and Press Checks
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